We Have a Podcast!!

When it comes to the journeys of immigrants and their children, there is so much to write about and talk about!

So we are on podcast too!

First episode can be found here!!

Whether you are foreign-born or American-born, this podcast is for you. This is for us and for U. S. Times are changing. We are finding our place in the center, no longer pushed to the background and shoved in limiting racial categorical boxes.

Our stories matter. Your story is Our story. When we realize we are interconnected, perhaps we can love better.

Take a listen, like, and share!

Published by Tayo Banjo

We don't give stories enough credit these days Stories make the world go round. Stories make a person. Stories can make a life. I just want to tell my story and share other's stories so that one person who feels like no one understand them can look up, exhale and say "I knew I wasn't alone."

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