Why So Unapologetic?

It’s been a rough week for the world. In the midst of a pandemic people are rising from isolation to gather in protest of the unjust treatment of Black bodies. While the maltreatment of Black bodies in the United States is not new, it seems the world’s response to the brutal murder of George FloydContinue reading “Why So Unapologetic?”

Back to Africa

“If you’re not happy here, then go back to Africa!” a coward yelled at a group of us as we marched toward the Football stadium to protest the university’s handling of threats to Black football players. But seriously, how many times has this been said. It certainly wasn’t a new idea. Several times throughout AmericanContinue reading “Back to Africa”

We are Not the Problem

As inescapable as it is to be in our own skin, so is the frustration of racism in this country, and around the world I might add. It’s curious and disheartening to me the way Black bodies are handled. I think my spirit finally broke when I watched the video of Tamir Rice, a 12-yearContinue reading “We are Not the Problem”

Ain’t I a (Black) Woman, Too?

As long as I am in the skin I’m in, I can never lose my Black card. The way the world interacts with Sub Saharan dark Africans will always be apart of our story whether born here or there. Our challenge is not to accept it, but to navigate it and to celebrate what has been constructed to be shameful.

Between A Place and No Place

I was looking for myself on television, but didn’t realize it until I didn’t see myself. At four years old, my favorite show was Moonlighting starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shephard. Family Ties, Punky Brewster. Small Wonder. All shows I loved. Looking back, I realize the first time I saw some version of myself wasContinue reading “Between A Place and No Place”